Focused Productive Strategies

Ensuring your corporate platforms provide the productivity and financial gains that justifies your company’s investment in software technology.

Computer Vision with Business Eyes

Knowing that Using Technology properly requires sound Business perspectives.

Company Future Vision

Any new Investment in Technology must address not only the immediate needs of the company, but must also be forward looking to ensure long term corporate success.

What we offer

Management Information Systems

Develop and maintain Client Membership Systems.

Develop and maintain Financial Reporting Systems

Implement proper automated systems.

Business Financial Analysis

Recommend and design new Revenue streams.

Improve Organizational Efficiencies

Conduct Annual Business Review and Lessons Learned sessions

Lead Annual Business Progress Analysis sessions

development of Target and Stretch goals

Establish Risk Management systems

Proper Staffing Training/Education of Risk possibilities

Evaluate Proper Insurance Coverage requirements.

Review all aspects of your Corporate Safety Governance

Business Succession Plans

Review Programs to determine Successor qualifications

Develop Leadership Training Curriculum

Properly align candidates to Business Objectives

Market Analysis

Assist with target market analysis.

Properly align marketing strategies for various Business endeavors.

Our Scope

Managed Applications Solutions

Enhance Management Information Systems
Business and Financial Experience
Assess and Establish Risk Management Systems
Improve Organizational Efficiencies
Project Management Experience
Ensure Software Platform Best Practices

Work with a Dedicated Company

Some Faq’s
What can MAPS Advisors offer your Business?

MAPS Advisors Group brings together decades of Business, Financial and Project Management Experience.

MAPS Advisors can assess your 3rd party software implementations to ensure Best Practices are maintained

What is Managed Application Services?

Managed Application Services is the provision of experienced IT professionals and methodologies to support, maintain and enhance an organization’s key applications

Managed Application Services helps you manage existing business critical applications, while you pay undivided attention to your core competencies.


M A P S  - Managed Application Professional Services.

Providing you with the Professional level of expertise for all your Managed Application Services needs.

Managed Applications Professional Services